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Artificial fir tree as Christmas decoration?
A synthetic Christmas Tree or even a real one? Lovers of artificial Christmas decorations , such as Christmas tree or artificial Advent wreath know the advantages – no needles, no introduced vermin-to appreciate artificial Christmas decorations : whether for the Christmas trees, flowers, wreaths, branches or the accessory work (which can often be decorated all year round).


Professional decorators, for example, to mix real and artificial Christmas decorations , real flowers with artificial plants, or Vice versa, wood and glass hanger on the Christmas tree with strings of lights AND candles or artificial snow

… just because it fits and pleases!

Festive Christmas decoration with the Amaryllis
If you intend to add floral accents in addition to the Christmas decoration, then the Amaryllis in dark red, close to the Christmas star, may be the flower, which within our opinion best fits Christmas Eve and Christmas. Deceptively real made of silk and textiles, usually hand-crafted, these relatively large flowers are usually a Christmas-festive eye-catcher.

Christmas decorations in other countries
The custom to decorate Christmas fir trees, houses and rooms with Christmas decorations , can also be different in numerous countries filled with life. Here are a few examples from the countries in which we, or our product scouts, gather ideas, and look for you:

Christmas decorations from Scandinavia
What Christmas decoration is decorated in Scandinavian Countries?

The Scandinavia are known for traditional Christmas decorations including the Christmas angel and, due to the long winter evenings, for their homely, nature-bound and almost romantic decoration with light. The glass Windlight with 3D star foil and LEDs, for instance, spreads a dreamlike mood through its wonderful lighting effects.

Christmas decorations in Japan
The Japanese love Christmas decorations. Although a lot of them fit in with Shintoism and/or Buddhism, they even know a Christmas cake: a white cake, decorated with strawberries. Almost mandatory at Christmas decoration is Santa Claus. Around, for example, as a Santa Claus window hanger.

Christmas decoration from India
From India, the genuine Mango wood with natural color play and grain, which, for example, Christmas stars and candles to your rustic charm include us. The more modern collections are constructed with metals such as for example stainless steel and Aluminium. A classic on the list of Christmas decorations is the advent wreath made of stainless steel, which, despite its minimalist appearance, conjures impressive light games on the Christmas table and in her home ambience.

Christmas decorations& ideas from throughout the world
Homefinity’s decoration experts choose the most beautiful Christmas decorations and accessories for you Worldwide. Furthermore, you may find within our special aspects of Christmas flowers and artificial plants, an extensive selection vonteilweise in natural materials, handmade Christmas flowers and plants – to shrubs, accessories-sectors and artificial grass.

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